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Our History

Our journey, rooted in quality and innovation, spans from traditional flavors to modern tastes.
Başak Gıda Distribution Industry and Trade Inc.: A Pioneer in Quality and Innovation Since 2015

On the Path to Industry Leadership with Quality, Innovation, and Responsibility

With an approach that always prioritizes customer satisfaction, we aim to reach the largest number of customers across Turkey. As a company with an environmental consciousness and a commitment to technology and people, we aim to create value and be a leader in the industry. Our products are offered with care, using state-of-the-art production technologies and attention to detail from production to distribution, in Bim and File supermarket chains throughout Turkey, adhering to global standards.

Başak Gıda: From Tradition to the Future with Quality and Innovation.

Başak Gıda Distribution Industry and Trade Inc. is a subsidiary company established to meet the needs of chain supermarkets. In 2015, it ventured into the frozen and semi-frozen product sector, expanding its product range. This step is a reflection of our innovative approach in the industry and our continuous pursuit of improvement.

With our private label products, we offer a wide range of products from bread to sandwiches, cookies to pastries. Each of our products is prepared with different tastes and preferences in mind, offering packaged products where quality and taste come together.

We preserve our traditional flavors and blend them with modern cuisine, bringing together tastes that have been passed down through generations.
We blend tradition with new modern production techniques.

Our Promise to You

We trust only suppliers who provide fresh, sustainable, and organic products.

Başak Gıda

Our Philosophy

We Follow a Holistic Approach from Farm to Table


The fresh ingredients that form the foundation of our dishes bring to your table the purest and most natural flavors nature has to offer. Each of our ingredients is carefully selected according to the season and used in its freshest form, providing you with a healthy and delicious experience.

Home-Made Taste

Each of our products reflects the unique and genuine taste that comes from our mothers’ and grandmothers’ kitchens. With our traditional recipes blended with modern kitchen techniques, we offer a warm and comforting taste experience as if it were cooked at home.

Premium Quality

Our products are produced in accordance with the highest standards in the industry. Each ingredient is carefully chosen and sourced from the best suppliers. Our quality control processes ensure that our products always remain at the highest level. With this passion and care, we are committed to delivering only the best to you.

Don’t wonder about quality. Reach out to us.

We are here for any questions you may have about our products.

Or you can call us directly at +90 (216) 622 68 22